Serene UA-50 In-Line Amplifier

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This unique amplifier is compatible with virtually any modular connected phone system. UA-50 is the only product of its kind that amplifies sounds for both handset and headset. It enhances the clarity and increases incoming volume (up to 170 times) for louder and clearer conversations.
  • Amplifies incoming voices up to 45dB
  • Selectable Digital Tone Enhancement allows you to boost and enrich the speech frequencies you can't hear well, making diffi cult to hear words intelligible again
  • Automatic Gain Control optimizes sound level for superior listening comfort
  • Latest Digital Sound Processing technology eliminates virtually all distortion, echo effects and unwanted static commonly found in other ordinary amplifiers
  • It connects between phone's handset/headset and base
  • Easy headset/handset selection button for extra convenience
  • AC adapter included
  • Optional 9-Volt Battery not included

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XLC8 Cordless Amplified Telephone

The XLC8 allows you to make calls with and without a landline connection. Pair up to two (2) Bluetooth-enabled cellphones, and enjoy using the familiar cordless phone with your cellphone service. Hear Loud and Clear with digital amplification up to 50 decibels and four (4) tone settings for all your phone calls at home – both cellphone and residential.

Alto plus amplified corded telephone

Alto Plus Amplified Telephone with Caller ID

The Alto Plus amplified corded telephone is the ideal solution for those with mild, moderate and severe hearing loss. This 53dB phone is the first on the market to receive TIA-4953 certification, passing the new industry standards for amplified telephones.The ergonomic volume and tone control is also perfect for those with arthritis.


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