Florida Relay Customer Profile

With Florida Relay you are able to fill out your own customer profile. This allows us to store your call preferences, and expedites call processing. Some items you can add to your profile include:
  • Frequently dialed numbers
  • Emergency numbers
  • Preferred carrier of choice
  • Customer notes
  • Other personal preferences

The relay user will have the flexibility of updating their user preferences as needed. User information is confidential and secure.

Complete a Relay Customer Profile form:

Customer Profile Form

If you need help completing this e-form, please contact Florida Customer Service 866-462-6509 (Voice/TTY), 800-855-2886 (Spanish), 866-931-9027 (VCO) or 877-877-3291 (Fax). All the information you provide will be kept confidential. For additional customer service contact information please see below.