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We are still processing applications

COVID-19 continues to impact FTRI in-person operations, however we are still processing applications and shipping equipment to new and current clients.

Learn more about how COVID-19 has impacted our operations or submit your information now to start the process to get your Free Phone.

FTRI Offers Several Amplified Telephones

FTRI offers a variety of amplified telephones to meet the need of persons with a mild, moderate, or severe hearing loss. These amplified telephones are available at all of the 24 Regional Distribution Centers located throughout the state.

To qualify for a FREE special phone, you must be:

  • A permanent Florida resident
  • At least 3 years old
  • Certified as having a hearing loss or speech impairment

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Contact Customer Care

Voice: 888-554-1151 · TTY: 888-447-5620 · VP: 850-270-2641

FTRI now has a new Customer Care toll-free telephone number for clients to call if they are experiencing trouble with their amplified phone. The new number to call is 888-554-1151 or you may email Customer Care at

Florida Relay

Dial 7-1-1 to get assistance communicating with standard (voice) telephone users.

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