SA-40 Cell Phone Amplifier for Smart Phones

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Hear every word, even in the noisiest environments!
  • Pairs to smart phones using Bluetooth®.
  • No more straining to understand on your cell.
  • Up to 40dB amplification, with volume and tone controls.
  • Eliminates static and interference
  • T-coil and hearing aid-compatible.
  • Loud, clear speakerphone with car visor clip.

Introduction to the SA-40 (Full Video)

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XLC8 Cordless Amplified Telephone

The XLC8 allows you to make calls with and without a landline connection. Pair up to two (2) Bluetooth-enabled cellphones, and enjoy using the familiar cordless phone with your cellphone service. Hear Loud and Clear with digital amplification up to 50 decibels and four (4) tone settings for all your phone calls at home – both cellphone and residential.

A400 cordless amplified telephone with caller id

A400 Cordless Amplified Telephone with Caller ID

The ClearSounds A400 offers crystal clear sound quality and interference-free transmission in this well-designed phone. The large screen and high contrast display makes it easy to see and the Talking Caller ID feature ensures you definitely know who is calling.

Bt914 amplified telephone

BT914 Amplified Telephone

The BT914 pairs with your cell phone or other mobile device to make calls and is an ideal solution for those with mild to moderate hearing loss.