Due to tornadoes that impacted our area recently, our business' phone system is only operational during our normal business hours, M - F from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Attempting to contact us outside of our business hours will result in an automated message indicating our number is not available or invalid. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work to resolve this issue.

Enhanced Speech to Speech (STS)

Specially trained Relay Operators serve as the speech-disabled user's voice and repeat his/her responses to the called party. Florida Relay's unparalleled equipment and exceptional Speech-to-Speech (STS) operator training ensures that speech-disabled users will be heard and understood. There may be instances when an STS user will be asked to repeat his/her message to ensure that it is relayed correctly. As an added benefit, Florida Relay can permanently establish your call type as Speech-to-Speech.

In addition, the Enhanced Speech to Speech features provide users with the ability to set up call times, contacts, and faster call set up.

In order to speed up the set-up of the call, Sprint Relay offers STS Email Set-up. Now, STS users can email call instructions or information 2 to 24 hours prior to the call. This can include information such as:

  • The number to be dialed,
  • The name of the person being called,
  • Any special instructions and the subject of the call, or
  • Anything that makes it easier for the STS user to complete the call.

Florida Relay Customer Profile

Florida Relay now offers a streamlined and simplified STS Customer Profile. To complete a STS Customer Profile, the STS user can fill out a simple PDF form (see below), complete an online form, or contact the STS Customer Service (i.e., STS Training Line) where a STS Customer Service Representative will assist and train the STS user. Sprint will continue to improve the STS Customer Profile and will seek feedback from Florida STS users on the contents. At the end of the contract, this information will be transferred to a new provider, if applicable.

Sprint’s STS Customer Profile offers the following benefits.

The STS Customer Profile form - called "My STS" - encourages STS users to be self-advocates and share how Florida Relay can support them best.
My Phonebook (Speed Dial)
Florida STS users can register up to 100 speed dial entries and 30 emergency contacts as a part of their Customer Profile. To use, the STS CA simply provides the name associated with the entry.
My Name
Once STS users register My Name, voice callers can simply call and ask for the STS user directly by name and code word, without having to provide the STS user's telephone number.
My Places
Florida Relay makes receiving calls at different numbers easy. When voice users call, the STS CA will reference the STS user's My Places to see the registered phone numbers. Different numbers can be added for certain times of the day and days of the week.
My Saved Messages
Upon request, the STS CA can copy any messages desired onto the Customer Profile for 24 hours. During that time, the STS user can ask the CA to use the message for calls. After 24 hours, the message is deleted.
My Style
STS users are allowed to determine how Florida Relay supports them. Whether the STS user would like the STS CA to re-voice the entire conversation or simply repeat upon request. Sprint will provide STS that meets the customer's needs.

For STS users who are interested in accessing services via their wireless phone, find out more about easy mobile access. When using wireless Speech to Speech services your call will be automatically routed to the Florida Relay services.

Florida’s STS Customer Service (i.e., Training Line) provides 1-on-1 assistance. STS Customer Service is available 24/7/365 and the State is never charged minutes by Sprint for any type of Customer Service. For Florida STS Customer service please call 877-787-1989.

For more information on email set up for STS: My Email Set up

Download the following form to set up a profile:

My STS Profile Form