Due to tornadoes that impacted our area recently, our business' phone system is only operational during our normal business hours, M - F from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM. Attempting to contact us outside of our business hours will result in an automated message indicating our number is not available or invalid. Thank you for your patience while we continue to work to resolve this issue.

CR200 Audio and Visual Ringer

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  • Ring signaler offers up to 95dB with various tone levels
  • Bright strobe flashes along with signal tone to attract your attention
  • Built-in dual modular phone jack for easy installation
  • Requires an RJ11 modular phone jack and a standard 120V electrical outlet
  • PLEASE NOTE: This will work only with an ANALOG telephone line. This will not plug into and operate on a multi-line and/or PBX phone system.

Operating Manual

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Squareglow blue

SquareGlow Phone / VP Signaler

The SquareGlow™ Phone/VP transmitter lets you know when you have an incoming landline phone call or VP call. When paired with the SquareGlow™ Receiver (Flasher), you will be alerted by 7 adjustable color LED flashing lights that you have an incoming call.

Tr75 visual ringer

TR75 Visual Ringer

Makes a lamp flash on and off providing a Deaf individual a visual cue that the phone is ringing.