Captioned Telephone 840 PLUS (CapTel®)

Ideal for people with severe hearing loss, the Captioned Telephone, or CapTel, works like any other telephone with one important addition: It displays every word the caller says throughout the conversation. CapTel phone users can listen to the caller, and can also read the written captions in the CapTel's bright display window. An operator facilitates the call between the user and the caller.
  • 35dB amplification
  • Review captions from previous calls
  • Adjustable tone and volume control
  • Memory dial
  • 2.5 and 3.5 mm audio output jacks

Quick Set Up Guide
Operating Manual

CapTel 840 PLUS Video Help

To watch helpful how-to videos for using your CapTel phone, click on the topic – below – that you’d like to learn more about.

Overview of CapTel 840 PLUS
How CapTel Works
Connecting to the Internet: Wired
Connecting to the Internet: WiFi
Calling & Answering
Adjusting the Sound
Reviewing Captions
Answering Machine Messages
Speed Dial
Changing Caption Size & Color
Setting the Date & Time
Plugging Everything In
What’s in the Box

For more information about the CapTel 840 PLUS please contact FTRI at 800-222-3448.

To qualify for this FREE special phone, you must be:

  • A permanent Florida resident
  • At least 3 years old
  • Certified as having a hearing loss or speech impairment

Or call FTRI at

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