Voice Carry Over (VCO)

Voice Carry-Over is an ideal service that enables a hard-of-hearing or deaf user to use his/her voice to speak directly to hearing person. When the hearing person speaks to back, the Relay operator serves as the "ears" and types everything that is said on a TTY or text display.

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Detailed Instructions

  1. Dial the Florida Relay Service VCO number 1-877-955-8260.
  2. The Florida Relay operator will answer "FL OPR 8234M (For relay operator identification) "F" or "M" (for Relay operator gender) GA".
  3. Voice the area code and telephone number of the party you want to call.
  4. The Relay operator will type the message "VCO ON" as your cue to start speaking. You speak directly to the hearing person. The Relay operator will not repeat what you say, but only type to you what the hearing person says. You both need to say "GA" at the end of your response.

Alternate Phone Number

If the phone from which you are calling does not accept 7-1-1, we have a list of dedicated toll free numbers for each call-type that you can utilize for the same great service.

Voice Carry Over (VCO)
If you prefer to speak directly to the hearing person. When the hearing person speaks to you, the Relay Operator serves as your "ears" and types everything said to your TTY or VCO phone.